What is the Marshalls Register?

Marshalls Register of Approved Landscape Contractors and Driveway Installers set the industry standard to which all other contractors aspire and PLM Paving is proud to be on the register – our work is of such a high standard, Marshalls are delighted to have us associated with them.

To be welcomed onto the Marshalls Register is a feather in the cap for UK independent installers and there is keen competition to be the best and maintain the high standards that are demanded as qualification for listing on the Register.

The investment is more than repaid by the satisfaction of customers who choose Marshalls Registered Installers, which is great for PLM Paving as what makes us happy is the delight shown by our customers for our work.

Marshalls communicate regularly with Register Members through a national team of Assessors and Development Managers who ensure that standards are maintained and customers have access to a choice of skilled and motivated professionals.

Part of the development programme that Register Members enjoy immensely is a national competition to showcase their abilities in a number of categories. There is no better spur to improving standards than professional rivalry, and the standards of entry improve every year.