Who are PLM Paving?

Learn more about Peter Wright of PLM Paving - a man with a true sense of perfection.  A long time personal friend Dave Knight offers a personal portrait.

In the building of his website Peter asked me for advice on its content, as he so succinctly put it “You know me…I can just about turn a TV on”, it was then I suggested I write the “About Him” piece so here goes…

I first got to know Peter about 10 years ago in a professional capacity through our respective jobs. Initially he came across as rather loud and brash, very confident, a man of few words but more than enough to back his actions, certainly his experience belies his years though he does admit if he ever comes across something he doesn’t know then his father, after a lifetime in the business would.

A little more about Peter...

If you can handle honesty then you can handle Peter. I would never describe him as a “flowery designer” type of contractor but he can tell you if your ideas can work; you may not always like what you hear but you will get honesty and as a result a very dependable solid job.

I think it’s fair to say he is not only a man of honesty but of integrity too, a man who not only stands by the quality of his work but is immensely proud of the job he does; believe me, he will never make do. I live in a private dockside apartment and actually don’t have a drive or patio but if I did, he would do mine. A statement which I would have no hesitation in backing up.

Peter’s list of clients range from Local Authorities and Crown Court Judges to friends and neighbours and using anything from 200 year old reclaimed Yorkstone to 18 inch concrete flags. One of his more recent jobs was for a private client in the centre of Chester and close to the ancient Roman amphitheatre laying over 160 square metres of 100mm thick new natural stone for a public footpath.

His skills don’t stop there; he can sort drainage problems, build walls using anything from standard common brick to irregular natural sandstone, brick garages, roofing, turfing, imprinted concrete drives and so the list continues…

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