How to Ensure you’re getting a High Quality Professional Installation

Finding a good installer is essential as you will rely on their advice, product knowledge and workmanship to achieve the first class garden or driveway you desire.

Here are ten simple rules to follow to ensure your project will be trouble free.

  1. Plan early – reputable installers are in demand and will need plenty of notice. Be wary of installers who can start tomorrow.
  2. Always get more than one quotation – never accept a verbal estimate and obtain at least three written quotes. Make sure all quotes are on a like-for-like basis for a correct comparison.
  3. For peace of mind choose a Marshalls Register Installer. They are independent contractors not employed or paid any commissions, but they are regularly assessed and agree to the Marshalls Register Membership Agreement and Installation Guidelines.
  4. Don’t decide purely on price, choose the contractor that you feel best suits your needs, it may be the difference between a good job and an outstanding one.
  5. When you accept a quote always request written confirmation detailing what the contractor has agreed to carry out for the price. It avoids misunderstandings.
  6. Select the best product for the job. Always use block paving on driveways, though the best garden schemes will use a wide range of complementary products; a Marshalls Register Installer will be able to advise.
  7. Never overlook drainage – Marshalls Register Installers are able to assess the natural condition of the landscape and will propose appropriate drainage that will be compliant with current regulations.
  8. Protect your investment – whilst your written contract protects your interest during construction, on completion you should consider Marshalls own Hard Landscape Guarantee for 10 years.
  9. Marshalls Register Installers want you to be fully satisfied with their work, and will not expect final payment until satisfactory completion. If you have agreed to take out a Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee you will be asked to sign a Guarantee Request Form which is then submitted to Marshalls.
  10. Relax and enjoy – on receipt of the form, Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee Certificate will be with you within five days and you will receive a Marshalls Patio and Driveway Maintenance Guide.